Newborn Photography – Preparing For Your Session

Newborn Photography – preparing for your session


A lot of new parents ask how they need to prepare for their newborn photography session, so I have come up with some detailed information that will hopefully cover all of your questions.

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Timing is very important when we’re working with newborn babies.  The best time to photograph a newborn is within the first 14 days of being born.  During this time, your baby will sleep longer and more soundly, and is able to be moulded into cute and curly positions.  You can contact me at any stage during your pregnancy to let me know your due date.  I will pencil your due date into the calendar (this ensures I can fit you into my schedule), then wait to hear from you once baby is born.  The sooner you contact us, the better.


Where will our photos be taken?

My newborn photography sessions are held on Wednesday and Thursday mornings in my home studio in Mudgeeraba.


How long will it take?

I don’t like to rush a newborn baby, so allow anywhere from 1.5 – 4 hours for a newborn photography session.  This gives us enough time for feeding and settling.


What to bring…

Pleas bring any drinks or snacks you may want/need for the duration of your session.  I offer water to all of my clients, but I need to focus on your newborn baby throughout our session, so cannot offer any other refreshments in this time.

I have a range of baskets, blankets, wraps, headbands, bonnets and more available for all of my clients to choose from.  You are welcome to bring your own props to personalise your newborn photography session, but this is not essential.  I typically photograph newborn sessions with baby bare (wraps, newborn pants and rompers/overalls are also available), so if you do want your baby to wear a special outfit in any of your photos, please bring this along.


Preparing your baby…

I never like to tell my clients what to do with their baby, however, in an ideal world I would suggest keeping baby awake for an hour or more prior to your session…and now for the kicker…try to hold out on feeding until you arrive (or last thing before you leave the house). I know, I know…this is super hard, but if you can do this, we are going to have a REALLY sleepy baby that is likely to cruise through the entire session. If this is not possible, please do not stress. I would rather stop for feeding/settling if it means you arrive happy and relaxed :)

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, most bubs will at least need a top-up during our session, so please make sure you’ve GOT MILK!  You are more than welcome to breastfeed your baby in my studio of course, but if you need/want to bring a bottle of breast milk or formula and a dummy/pacifier, please do so.  I like to have these on hand as a last resort to soothe a fussy baby. If you are adamantly against a bottle or a dummy/pacifier, please let me know and I will happily accommodate your needs.

If you are breastfeeding, please try to avoid anything spicy or gas inducing (like pizza, spicy sauces, garlic, broccoli, thai food…you know, all the good stuff) that might upset baby’s tummy for at least 24 hrs prior to your scheduled session. It’s best to stick to a relatively bland diet in that 24 hrs before your session.

Dress your baby in something that’s loose fitting and easy to take off (a onesie that opens at the front is ideal); this will reduce the chance of us disturbing baby when we get started. Also loosen baby’s nappy around 30 minutes before your session, and also avoid tight socks or mittens. These can all leave marks on the skin that we ideally want to avoid in any newborn photography session.

Please do not worry about any baby acne, flaky skin or little scratches; this is very common and can be retouched.  If your baby has extremely dry skin, you can try using coconut/almond/olive oil (I am a coconut oil queen…that stuff is truly amazing and your baby will smell delicious!!) if you wish, this will help the retouching process.



Preparing your family…

Yes!  I want to photograph you with your baby…of course!!  I want to capture the connection between every parent and their new baby, and siblings with their tiny brother or sister.  These relationships are so precious, and you’ll want to remember just how teeny tiny your baby was.

Everyone should dress in comfortable clothing, keeping in mind that these are your professional portraits of your family.  Keep it simple – no busy patterns or logos on t-shirts that will distract away from your new baby. Neutral colours are ideal (preferably avoid black or bright white). Beige, olive green, navy, charcoal, taupe, cream and brown are all great colours…think muted tones. Bright colours can distract from you and your family; neutral colours/muted tones allow faces to stand out more than the clothes being worn.

Mums, please bring a strapless bra in nude (if possible – we can tuck straps if not). I generally wrap mums in fabrics here at the studio, so you can wear your comfy track pants if you want! Give baby to your partner before coming to your session, and take some time for yourself to do your hair and make up – you deserve to look your best…again keeping it simple/natural.

If dads are comfortable showing their chest for a few photos, this can also make for some very tender, skin-on-skin images.

Our studio will be very warm (to keep your baby comfortable and settled), so consider this when dressing the family; layers that can be removed easily are your best bet.  It’s a good idea to have a change of clothes on hand too – babies tend to pee and poo without warning (this is expected), so be prepared!  And please don’t worry if your baby makes a mess on any of my props…it happens.  I wash all of my items after every newborn photography session, and it will come out. **Please note that I will generally wrap baby (with the nappy on) for shots with siblings**

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If bringing older siblings…

Depending on the age of your other child/children, it is often beneficial to have another family member bring sibling/s in a separate car.  Our studio is very small and boring for little people, and we don’t want to keep them cooped up longer than we need to.  Our newborn sessions can take anywhere from 1.5 – 4 hours, which is a LONG time, especially for a little one.

What most families will do is have mum arrive with baby to get settled, choose props and feed if needed.  We will make a start once baby is settled and comfortable.  Dad will then arrive around 30-45 minutes later with the sibling/s; I will take my sibling shots, family shots and parent shots with baby, then dad can take the sibling/s home while mum stays to finish the session with baby.

I find that this leads to a much more relaxed newborn session, and siblings are generally more cooperative when we can get things done quickly for them.  If this isn’t an option for you, that is totally fine…please just make sure you bring things that will keep your little one/s entertained (we have a small grassed area that can be used if needed).


What else?

As you would have read, my studio is small so I ask that only you, your partner/spouse and children attend your newborn photography session. I also understand that this is a momentous time in your life that you want to capture, however must stress that no cameras are allowed during your session.


Relax.  Understand that your newborn baby is just that – a newborn baby!  We can’t always predict how they will go during our sessions, but please know that I am always going to follow your baby’s lead.  I will not force a baby into any poses that they seem uncomfortable in, or that aren’t safe; if they need to feed, we will stop for a feed etc.  A baby can sense stress, so I will always remain calm and relaxed.  If your baby cries, I don’t want you to worry – if we need a break to feed/cuddle with mum or dad, we will do that.  A newborn photo session is about you and your baby, so that is my priority throughout our session.


When will I get to see my images?

I will post a sneak peek on Facebook within 24hrs of your newborn photo session, so be sure to ‘like’ our page and tag your photo so family and friends can see too!  Around 2-3 weeks after your session, I will email you with a password for your private online gallery – this will display 20 images from your session for you to choose from.  Your online gallery will be active for 14 days.


I hope this has been helpful!  If you have any other questions, or would like to make a booking, please contact us xx Kristy

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